The Conference & Exhibition "Medical laboratory & Innovations in Medicine" will be held in Kiev from 20 till 21 April 2010 at the National Expocentre of Ukraine (23, hall, Expocentre "SCIENCE").

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Dear Sirs!

The National Academy of Science of Ukraine and LMT Corporation

jointly with

the Ministry of Education and Science,

the State Agency of Ukraine for investment and innovation,

GFO Kiev Centre for innovative development

invite you to visit

International forum




Time: September 28 – October 1, 2010

Place: KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre

     2-B Salyutna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine




–   the 2nd International Specialized Trade Fair “HIGH TECHNOLOGIES-2010”;

–   the 3rd International Specialized Trade Fair “NANOTECHNOLOGIES-2010”;

    Specialized Expositions:

    - “Innovative Projects of Ukraine-2010”;

    - “Innovative Development of Regions of Ukraine”;

    - “Hi-Tech Science and Education”;

    - "Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and

       the Centres for collective use of devices NASU";

    - industry and public academies of sciences of Ukraine;

    - "Laser Technology";

    - "Neogeography & GIS-Forum 2010;


     Business programm:

–   presentation of innovative projects and technologies;

–   presentations of hi-tech equipment and devices, the newest

    scientific-and-technical and fundamental achievements in the sphere of high technologies;

–   seminars and round tables to be held for determining the need for science-intensive

     products and discussing innovative projects and first-priority directions of researches:

- in science and education;

- in nanoindustry;

- in medicine and biology;

- in genetic engineering;

- in computerization and microprocessor-based control;

- in various industries.

as well as other directions of human activities in which advanced scientific

and technical achievements, devices and services are used.

The International Forum “Innovations and High Technologies” is created for the support of:

–  an intensive development of the domestic science-intensive production;

–  an efficient use of intellectual and production resources;

–  introduction of competitive hi-tech equipment in the production processes in Ukraine.

Main Tasks of the Forum

–    To organize direct contacts between developers and manufacturers of hi-tech science-intensive products, organizations interested in an intensive introduction of newest achievements and promotion of such products on the internal and external markets, and their target group (consumers).

–    To determine a clear structure and to coordinate these markets.

–   To provide national and international leaders of science and industry with a possibility to represent actively their positions and achievements in the broad range of the problems of the technological, social and economical development of Ukraine and other member countries.

–   To organize an efficient communication between Ukrainian and foreign hi-tech product manufacturers within the scope of the business program for the purpose of exchange of experience, discussion and solution of problems, and a search for promising business partners in Ukraine, the CIS and other countries.

–    To further the accomplishment of first-priority national innovation projects and programs.

–   To inform state-owned and private industrial enterprises as well as medical institutions about newest technologies and equipment.

–    To favor the determination of the spheres of application of new achievements.

–   To assist in bringing the legal protection of the intellectual property in conformity with international standards and putting the intellectual property into the economic circulation.

International Forum “Innovations and High Technologies» it is possibility for you:

-  to Familiarize with national and world achievements in industries, that determinate scientific and

   technical  progress and socio-economic development of Ukraine and world association.


-  to Get information that are interested for you directly from the representatives of companies of

    high-technologies market of Ukraine and foreign countries.


-  to Visit presentations and seminars from the world leading and domestic companies, where will

   discuss a whole number of questions connected with development of highly technological

   complex and will solving of problem related to effective introduction of the newest developments.


-  to Visit seminars and conferences, devoted the urgent questions of consolidation and realization

   of interests of the State, organizations of scientific and technical sphere and business.

   Above-named seminars and conferences are offered to Your attention by the specialists of

   ministries and departments, state enterprises, by the specialists of a particular branch

   associations and societies, by the specialists of profile institutes of National Academy of Science

   of Ukraine.

Ladies and gentlemen,

visit of all measures within the framework of the Forum

«Innovation and High Technologies»


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  • Profile Ministries and Departments
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • The State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and development
  • State Committee on Science, Innovation and Information
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Innovative Projects in Ukraine-2010' - Kyiv Centre for Innovation Development
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Geoinformation Systems and Technologies' - GIS-Association
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Laser Technology' - National Foundation for Basic Research of Ukraine
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Laser Technology' - Ukrainian Regional Centre for Laser Association (LAS)
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