The Conference & Exhibition "Medical laboratory & Innovations in Medicine" will be held in Kiev from 20 till 21 April 2010 at the National Expocentre of Ukraine (23, hall, Expocentre "SCIENCE").

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Dear Sirs!

The National Academy of Science of Ukraine and LMT Corporation

jointly with

the Ministry of Education and Science,

the State Agency of Ukraine for investment and innovation,

GFO Kiev Centre for innovative development,

offer you

International forum



From microtechnologies to macroeffect


Time: September 28 – October 1, 2010

Place: KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Centre

     2-B Salyutna Street, Kyiv, Ukraine



–   the 2nd International Specialized Trade Fair “HIGH TECHNOLOGIES-2010”;

–   the 3rd International Specialized Trade Fair “NANOTECHNOLOGIES-2010”;

    Specialized Expositions:

    - “Innovative Projects of Ukraine-2010”;

    - “Innovative Development of Regions of Ukraine”;

    - “Hi-Tech Science and Education”;

    - "Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and

       the Centres for collective use of devices NASU";

    - industry and public academies of sciences of Ukraine;

    - "Laser Technology";

    - "Neogeography & GIS-Forum 2010;


     Business programm:

–   presentation of innovative projects and technologies;

–   presentations of hi-tech equipment and devices, the newest

    scientific-and-technical and fundamental achievements in the sphere of high technologies;

–   seminars and round tables to be held for determining the need for science-intensive

     products and discussing innovative projects and first-priority directions of researches:

- in science and education;

- in nanoindustry;

- in medicine and biology;

- in genetic engineering;

- in computerization and microprocessor-based control;

- in various industries.

as well as other directions of human activities in which advanced scientific

and technical achievements, devices and services are used.



Under the current circumstances of the economy globalization, developed countries in which science is the main economical-and-reproducing factor ensure their development by means of improvement of existing technologies and technique and use of entirely new scientific achievements, i.e. by means of innovation approaches. At present, it is impossible to raise the economy of Ukraine and to ensure its successful development without the development of science, introduction of new technologies and relying upon innovations. Ukraine’s joining the World Trade Organization and the prospects of Ukraine’s joining the European Union make this matter even more urgent. There is a necessity of a drastic change of the main principles of the technical reequipment and modernization of enterprises – introduction of comprehensive innovations and application of a complex approach towards an efficient use of high technologies.


At present, the main problems requiring an urgent solution are as follows:

-   absence of a clear interaction and consolidation of interests between developers and manufacturers of hi-tech products, organizations interested in a broad introduction of new achievements and promotion of these products on the internal and external markets as well as the consumers of hi-tech products and achievements;

-    an insufficient state support and a week interest of financial institutions in the development and promotion of domestic researches and achievements.


Therefore at present, Ukraine needs a complex exhibition project containing new advanced approaches to the solution of the problem of innovative development and uniting the interests of developers, manufacturers, consumers and the State.

The International Forum “Innovations and High Technologies” is created for the support of:

–  an intensive development of the domestic science-intensive production;

–  an efficient use of intellectual and production resources;

–  introduction of competitive hi-tech equipment in the production processes in Ukraine.


Our Forum is problem-oriented. Therefore conferences, seminars and round tables are the

most important part of the business program of the Forum. A complex of global and local

issues concerning the innovative development of Ukraine and the world community will be

discussed and settled within them.

The organizers and partners of the project have developed and engage in a staged

implementation of a complex-and-target program of assistance in the development of

the scientific and industrial potential of Ukraine by uniting all segments of the market

economy within the scope of the Forum. This organization of the work will allow to direct

the economic development of this market being at the stage of formation in a correct

and efficient direction and will ensure the formation of a clear structure thereof.


Mission of the Forum

To create conditions for an innovative development of the Ukrainian economy and the country’s occupation of advanced positions in Europe and the world.


Strategy of the Forum

Creation of a complex project being able to unite science, industry, investments, crediting, and the quality management system for the purpose of:

-   strengthening the scientific and technical potential;

-   development of the international and national cooperation in the sphere of science and


-   ensuring the modernization and re-equipment of all industries of the Ukrainian economy by

    means of modern equipment and high technologies;

-   a prompt introduction of innovative achievements and financing thereof.


Strategic Purpose of the Forum

To become a leading complex scientific and technical Forum in Ukraine within the scope of which:

–   national and world achievements in the spheres determining the scientific and technical progress

     and social and economic development of Ukraine and the world community will be demonstrated

     on an annual basis;

–   global and local problems of the innovation development will be discussed and solved;

–   interests of the State, scientific and technical organizations, and business circles will be

     consolidated and realized.


Main Objectives of the Forum

–    Fulfillment of global tasks set by the innovative development of the Ukrainian economy.

–    Drawing attention of state authorities to the problems of the innovative development of the Ukrainian economy and ensuring a comprehensive and powerful support of the State for the purpose of solution thereof.

–    Combining the efforts of state authorities and organizations engaging in activities in the sphere of science, engineering and business for the purpose of development of a high scientific and technical potential of Ukraine, financing achievements and their prompt introduction into production.

–    Fulfillment of tasks connected with the problems of an efficient introduction of the newest achievements of the Ukrainian high-technology complex.

–    Commercialization of applied scientific and technological achievements for the purpose of obtaining a maximum innovation effect from their introduction and deriving benefit for developers, businessmen, the society and the State.

–    A complex fulfillment of tasks connected with marketing and promotion of hi-tech products and technologies.

–    Intensification and strengthening of interregional and international business cooperation primarily with CIS and EU member countries.

–    Attraction of financial and industrial investors for the purpose of accomplishment of promising high-technology projects.

–    Increase in the scope of patenting and introduction of hi-tech achievements in Ukraine.

–    Growth of the international authority of Ukraine as a progressive hi-tech state.


Main Tasks of the Forum

–    To organize direct contacts between developers and manufacturers of hi-tech science-intensive products, organizations interested in an intensive introduction of newest achievements and promotion of such products on the internal and external markets, and their target group (consumers).

–    To determine a clear structure and to coordinate these markets.

–   To provide national and international leaders of science and industry with a possibility to represent actively their positions and achievements in the broad range of the problems of the technological, social and economical development of Ukraine and other member countries.

–   To organize an efficient communication between Ukrainian and foreign hi-tech product manufacturers within the scope of the business program for the purpose of exchange of experience, discussion and solution of problems, and a search for promising business partners in Ukraine, the CIS and other countries.

–    To further the accomplishment of first-priority national innovation projects and programs.

–   To inform state-owned and private industrial enterprises as well as medical institutions about newest technologies and equipment.

–    To favor the determination of the spheres of application of new achievements.

–   To assist in bringing the legal protection of the intellectual property in conformity with international standards and putting the intellectual property into the economic circulation.


Advantages of the Forum and Benefits of the Participants therein

1.   A complex-and-target program of the organization and development of the Forum will ensure the fulfillment of complex tasks of your company (financing, introduction, manufacture, a scientific and business cooperation, the government support, development directions, etc.).

2.   Assistance of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the organization of the Forum.

3.   A powerful support of the Forum by special state organizations.

4.  You will be able to establish business contacts with representatives of state authorities, non-government and    commercial organizations having possibilities to promote your innovation projects, products and technologies.

5.   The multibranch nature of all events stimulates the development of new technologies arising at the interface of various  scientific directions; it will also enable developers to determine the priority directions in the development of science and to follow the global tendencies.

6.   You will have a possibility to track new tendencies in the development of the applied science and technologies in Ukraine.


The organizers of the International Forum "Innovations and High Technologies" are sure that the participation in its events will help you fulfill the necessary tasks, attract the necessary investment resources to projects, enable you to meet new business and scientific partners and bring you a commercial success.


The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and LMT Corporation offer you to participate in the International Forum “Innovations and High Technologies”.

Sincerely yours.

Vadim Tkachenko,

        General Director of "LMT Corporation"
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  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Geoinformation Systems and Technologies' - GIS-Association
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Laser Technology' - National Foundation for Basic Research of Ukraine
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Laser Technology' - Ukrainian Regional Centre for Laser Association (LAS)
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