The Conference & Exhibition "Medical laboratory & Innovations in Medicine" will be held in Kiev from 20 till 21 April 2010 at the National Expocentre of Ukraine (23, hall, Expocentre "SCIENCE").

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“HIGH TECHNOLOGIES-2010” Exhibition Product Indexes

1. Hi-tech Industry

1.1.     Hi-tech industrial equipment.

1.2.     Automated production control systems.

1.3.     Semiconductor technologies.

1.4.     Research and analytical devices, promising optical and other methods of parameters

          and information measurement, control, and processing.

1.5.     Devices and systems for a nondestructive control and technical diagnosis.

1.6.     Energy-saving technologies.

1.7.     Power generating systems based on new scientific principles.

1.8.     Pilot samples of hi-tech finished products.

2. Hi-tech IT & Communication

2.1.    Telecommunication and information technologies.

3. Hi-tech Megapolis

3.1.    Innovative products and hi-tech achievements for the development of cities and the urban


4.   Physicochemical biology and new biotechnologies

4.1.     Raw materials and producers for the biotechnological production.

4.2.     Biotechnological processes and devices.

4.3.     Genetic engineering.

4.4.     Bio-pharmacological, genetic-engineering and diagnostic achievements.

4.5.     Immunobiological methods of analysis.

4.6.     Technological bioenergetics.

5.   Geoinformative systems and technologies

5.1.     Neogeography in the systems of the state, regional and corporate management.

5.2.     Special neogeography.

5.3.     Geoinformative systems and technologies.

5.4.     Newest technologies of collection, analysis, processing and presentation of geographical,

           spatial and spatio-temporal information.

5.5.     Supercomputer geography and virtual reality technologies.

5.6.     Remote probing means and methods.

5.7.     Instantaneous positioning systems and technologies (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, etc.)

5.8.     3D- and 4D-geography.

5.9.     Space systems intended for studying Earth.

6.    CleanTech ("Clean" technologies).

7.   New materials and technologies.

8.  Robot technology and artificial intelligence.

9.  Double-application high technologies.

10.  Aerospace technologies.

11. Service and consulting services

“NANOTECHNOLOGIES-2010” Exhibition Product Indexes

1.   Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.

2.   Technologies and equipment for obtaining nanomaterials and nanosystems.


3.   Means for fundamental researches in the sphere of nanotechnologies.


4.   Nanoelectronics

4.1.  Molecular electronics.

4.2.  Nanoelectronic and nanooptical technologies and devices.

4.3.  Information generation, storage, transmission and processing systems.

4.4.  Elements of quantum computers, lighting engineering, displays, acoustic systems,

        communication means.


5.   Methods, equipment and devices for the formation, study and diagnosis

      of nanostructures

5.1.  Nanometrology.

5.2.  Scanning probing microscopy-nanoscopy: atomic-force, magnetic-force, electrostatic-force,


5.3.  Electronic, light and laser high resolution microscopy.

5.4.  Femtosecond, spectral, magnetic and roentgen methods using a synchronous radiation, etc.


6.   Nanoinstruments.


7.   Nanomedicine, nanopharmacy and nanobiotechnologies.

7.1. Modelling of biological nanosystems and DNA nanostructures.

7.2. New forms of medicines and their address delivery technologies.

7.3. Nanodevices for diagnosis, therapy and surgery (nanorobots, nanodetectors, biochips, etc.).

8.   Microfluids, chip-laboratories.

9.   Modules and original components on the basis of nanomaterials.

10.  Safety in the sphere of obtaining, use and utilization of nanomaterials and products

       of nanotechnlogies.

11.  Practical application of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in all spheres of human


12.  Finished products manufactured by means of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials.

13.  Nanoindustry products standardization, metrology and certification.

14.  Services in the sphere of nanoindustry.


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  • Profile Ministries and Departments
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • The State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and development
  • State Committee on Science, Innovation and Information
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Innovative Projects in Ukraine-2010' - Kyiv Centre for Innovation Development
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Geoinformation Systems and Technologies' - GIS-Association
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Laser Technology' - National Foundation for Basic Research of Ukraine
  • COORGANIZER OF EXPOSITION 'Laser Technology' - Ukrainian Regional Centre for Laser Association (LAS)
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